Monday, April 4, 2011

Old Raids

Today it came to me that i needed a break from my normal Obsidium Shuffle and Mysterious Fortune Cards.  I decided to head to Tempest Keep to see if i could make any good money.  As i entered i took out half of the trash easily, then killed the big bird boss Al'ar, which gave me 250g and it was easy to solo.  Than i moved to Kael and called in my friend so we could two man it.  I told him i would pay him to not roll on the mount and we decided to pull.  First two attempts were strategizing and finding the best way to do it.  Then on the 3rd attempt we had two advisors left and Kael mind controlled me and the encounter reset.

We decided not to waste more time and to save it for another day.  On to Void Reaver and it was a easy 125g for each of us.  We decided to leave Kael and High Astromancer and head over to Magtheridon.  Magtheridon was an extremely easy kill and we both looted 250g each.  Overall, it may not be the best of money but we had some laughs and enjoyed it.  We now are going to go in and do those bosses every week and find some others for some easy money.

Any suggestions on where to go next?

Now, what are you waiting for? If you want to have some fun and make some easy cash go kill some old bosses!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stockpiling: The Bane to my Existence

Although stockpiling could be a really good thing, i have a huge problem with it.  I never want to risk more than 30k gold in something because i could easily lose it all.  Although, there is one thing i will be stockpiling until they release how epic gems are attained.  What is this you may ask? Pyrite Ore!  I am picking stacks of it up for dirt cheap at 100g and i feel almost no risk in it.  If it was anything like Wrath we will be able to prospect it to get epic gems and when the information is released it is either going to mean i will sell it or keep it. Although, i have a small feeling that Blizzard will change it up just to play with our minds.

Back to my original thoughts: i dislike stockpiling huge amounts of gems, enchanting mats, scrolls, glyphs, ores and herbs.  I always feel that the prices will drop any day and all my hard work will be gone.  I have 10 guild bank tabs split across three banks and i have ONLY 1 of them Full!

Maybe it's just me?  Share your thoughts of what you think about Stockpiling.

Check out Alto's and Vince's posts and their blogs as they went more in depth of what they will be doing their with Pyrite Ore.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My New Hobby.....

Previously, i have been doing the Obsidium Shuffle, which most of you know about and i have decided to drop out of the business for a while.  What a relief that was.  It honestly took hours and hours of my life each day and i was barely making any profits anymore.

Next best thing...
Herb Business: Buy herbs cheap, mill them down, and make Mysterious Fortune Cards and Inferno Inks.

I am spending 40g a stack on Cinderbloom and 60g a stack on Whiptail and am making a killing.  From 100 stacks/4k Worth i ended up making 10k.  You must be thinking.. how long did it take?  Roughly, 2 hours with a lot of afk time.  Sometimes the Inferno Inks move slow and you have to advertise the Fortune Cards in trade chat for them to move quickly.  For example... /2 Want to make some fast cash?  Well go buy my Mysterious Fortune Cards and have a chance at winning the 5k Fortune Card.

Of course, server to server matters, but give it a shot and give me your feedback!

Why i created this blog you may ask?

Day after day, i sit in Stormwind for countless hours of day doing absolutely nothing.  I have been approaching my goal of 100k gold and hope to one day hit 1 million.  I will share my gold tips and what have been doing lately.